Mr. Woodware - Craft Wooden Spoons Bulk – 12 Inch – Set of 24

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  • The extra-wide bowl makes you enough space for woodburning
  • No misleading shapes & sizes - makes you more confident while buying your next batch of spoons
  • No Cracks & Splinters - When you touch them you'll fall in love - 10000 people did the same
  • Smooth-like baby skin - Still imagine how soft baby skin is? So spoons are:)
  • Extremely Sturdy - means that they won't break easily in your hands


Why buy from us?

Here’s what you need to know about wooden spoons! 

Everyone who already bought wooden spoons in the past has been faced with “crappy” bamboo spoons with huge cracks and splinters and different shapes and even sizes. Not to mention that not smooth spoons can easily cause a bloodied finger. Auch! 

Don’t worry! Here at Mr. Woodware we never use bamboo to make our spoons because we don’t want to hurt anybody! However, using special FINTECH™  technology allows us that the spoons are fine-treated after production to ensure the smoothness is on the highest level possible. Result? You don’t need to worry about irregularities anymore.

What is FINTECH™ technology?

This is a special final production process where our spoons get a final smooth surface and shape. The final thin layer of the wood gives us the best surface for all further intentions. That’s the reason why wood-burning or gluing is so quick and easy.

Mr. Woodware “blank” spoons are ready to use in many different ways such as:

  • wood burning decoration
  • kids puppets craft creation projects (paint them with different colors)
  • bridal shower gifts
  • classroom projects
  • cooking, baking, mixing, serving
  • and more….



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