The return policy for each product is specified on the product page.   Unless specified otherwise on the product page, we have set up certain minimum return standards for our Sellers to ensure a consistent customer experience when it comes to returns and/or exchanges. Please review the following guidelines to confirm if the product you are planning to buy is eligible for return and/or exchange.

Sellers list products on Zomdo marketplace with one of three return policies 
- no return (mostly for products such as soaps, hygienic, medical products, etc.), 15 day returns or 30 day returns.

The product must be returned to the address on the package the product came in or the return address that the Seller provides.   You can engage the Seller directly or contact Zomdo Customer Care to help initiate the return.  Do NOT discard original product packaging as it may be needed to ship the item back to the Seller.

In case of a damaged product or a wrong product even if its non-returnable and non-exchangeable, we will ask for photos of product and/or the packaging it came in as proof to effectively communicate this with the supplier/seller and help process the refund and/or exchange.  You simply contact us, and provide us a picture of the damaged product, let us know the order number and the item name and from there, we will take it forward to the Seller.

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  • Refunds are processed withing 48 business hours once the returned item is/are received by the Seller.  Make sure the returned meets the terms of the return as set forth by the Seller.  You will be noticed via email once the refund is issued.


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