Single Lever Switch Plate 8003D Brown

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Single Lever Switch Plate 8003D Brown

You know the iconic image of a lightbulb switching on above someone's head that symbolizes a great idea? That's literally what is happening here.

How cool is this switch plate? Let's just take a moment to admire it before calling out its details.




Ok, admiring time over. This switch plate is completely functional, meaning you crank the lever to turn on the light. You know everyone who comes over is going to want to try it, like a DIY strobe party.

It installs over any standard residential toggle switch and plastic cover using the existing screws, meaning it's a breeze to install and requires no additional parts.

It's made in the USA, laser-cut for precision out of sustainably-sourced wood, dyed with water-based brown, tan, and apple green dyes with natural wood accents.

Who says everyday things have to be boring? Gear up your space, or give someone the coolest, most clever gift they will get this year.

  • Plate size 5 ‘ tall 5.25” wide (Note handle sticks outan extra inch)
  • *Does not include wood pegs for screw covers*

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