Handheld Portable UV Light Sanitizer

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Handheld Portable UV Light Sanitizer

Handheld Portable UV Light Sanitizer that provides up to 99.9% Sterilization in 10 Seconds.

100% design and made in South Korea.


Did you know?

Your mobile phone and your car handle houses more germs than your toilet.  Germs and bacteria are hidden everywhere including places where it is hard to clean, including diaper changing stations at the mall,  single use transportation cards in the subway, shopping cart handles, just to name a few.

Handheld portable UV Light Sanitizer

Carry this portable handheld  UV light sanitizer anywhere you go, with 13 build in UV LEDs, UV wavelength of 257nm, sterilizes up to 99.9% of germs and virus on the go in 10 secs.

The moment it slides into a 20cm radius of a product that requires 100 sterilizations with 13 powerful UV LEDs.


The essGee UV Light was tested at KRICT (Korea Research Institute
of Chemical Technology), Centre for Convergent Research of Emerging
Virus Infection

Distance between Virus and UV - 11mm
Period of Test - 25th Feb-2nd Mar 2020 (6days)
Application Time - 0sec / 10sec / 30sec
Temperature: 23º


Safe use

  • Safe use and Eye protective function with the built-in gyro sensor
  • Automatic OFF at the angle of 120˚
  • Automatic 3-minute timer


Battery: 3.65v 500mAh
Power usage: 1.8W
UV Wavelength: UV 275nm / UV-A 390nm
(Life Span of 20,000 hours)
Dimensions : 95mm X 55mm x 25mm
Weight: 80g

Made in S. Korea


Disclaimer:  This is not a medical device. Please do not face LED lights towards eyes and skin.  Keep out of reach of children.  Use at your own risk.

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