Liquid Abstract Paint V41 - Premium Decal Protective Skin-Wrap Sticker

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Liquid Abstract Paint V41 - Premium Decal Protective Skin-Wrap Sticker

  • Precision cut to fit the JUUL vaping device.
  • Air-Release adhesive backing to prevent air-bubbles during application.
  • Dual-Layer Construction. Crystal clear lamination applied over graphic for extreme.
  • NOT INCLUDED: JUUL vaping device, JUULPOD cartridge, or other pods, cartridges, charges, or nicotine products.

Now, you'll be able to separate yourself from your friends' JUUL vaping devices with our sweet new skin-line. With this premium skin created by DesignSkinz to be compatible with the JUUL vaping device, you can change the look of your device in , and when you get tired of one design, just peel it off and slap a new one on it. Our skinz are made from a premium vinyl that has a 3-4 year lifespan. Pretty cool, huh? It's clean, it's simple and that's how it should be.

How exactly are they made? 

Each skin is created carefully with a comprehensive three-layer production process using 3M materials that ensures the highest quality finished product. It begins with a patented Air-Release Adhesive backing that prevents air-bubbles from occurring during the installation process. Once the graphic is printed by our state-of-the-art equipment, we apply a crystal-clear lamination layer in our soft-matte or high-gloss finishes that protects your skin from daily abrasion & abuse.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product is designed to be compatible with the JUUL vaping device by JUUL Labs, Inc. Neither The Skin Dudes nor this product are provided, endorsed, sponsored by, or affiliated with JUUL Labs, Inc. JUUL and JUULPOD are trademarks of JUUL Labs, Inc.

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