Lavender & Wheat, Floral Wand, Smudge Stick, 6 “

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The Lavender & Wheat, Floral Wand, Smudge Stick, 6”  brings warm positive energy into your home. It also helps open the heart chakra by releasing your fears while calming the mind and helping to protect the spirit. The accompanying dried flowers remind us of the abundance of spring and summer. 

Smudging is the practice of burning herbs for the purposes fo cleansing and sending prayers. The practice produces a dense smoke, so it's advised to have a window or door open if using indoors.

Lavender is a magical botanical with many uses and when used in smudges, it provides mental clarity, enhances memory, soothes, and opens one’s heart. Use for setting intentions for serenity, and to welcome positive changes.

is the most sacred of the Seven Sacred Grains as it represented fruitfulness, bounty, and rebirth in its ability to replenish itself and its golden color. In ancient Egypt and Babylonia, wheat was often used in funeral rites to represent the rebirth of the deceased in the afterlife. Smudge with wheat for attracting abundance, money and fertility

Each floral wand contains : lavender, wheat, craspedia (billy balls), pink global amaranths, and star daisies. 

Use as a dried flower bouquet or for smudging.

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