Body Balm - Patchouli Blend

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Body Balm - Patchouli Blend

Our body balm was developed as an all natural hand and body moisturizer.  It is solid yet pliable at room temperature, soaks into the skin easily, and does not leave a greasy feel.  Formulated without water, this balm is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way.  This balm is also specifically designed to handle temperature changes and will not separate or ruin when left out in the heat.   Want a customized scent?  Give us a call and we can see what we can do!  Otherwise, melt the balm, add your preferred scent, and stick in the refrigerator overnight.   Ingredients: Shea Butter, Abyssinian Oil, Jojoba oil, Cera Bellina, Beeswax, Essential Oils, Vitamin E 4 oz

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