Clear Top Bluetooth Earphone With Charger

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Clear Top Bluetooth Earphone and Portable Charging Box.  Run, jog, relax and repeat with these earphones that suit your urban


These earphones with a charging box as well as built-in error correction, give you a crisp and clear sound every time. The earphones are compatible with Apple or Android phones with Bluetooth capability they also work with your tablet, laptop or computer as long as Bluetooth is enabled. Get quick connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0 and a charging box that is simple and fits in your pocket and they come in 9 solid colors with a charging box and cable to the USB port for charging is


Make sure you have the Metro Twins with you so you can catch all your favorite tunes!



      • A full charge will allow you to use the headphone all day with normal use or 4 hours of continuous use.


      • Standby power is for 7 days.


      • Compatible with all Google, Siri, and Alexa voice command features.


      • Superb noise cancellation feature.


      • All Apple devices will work with this earphone Android any device with Bluetooth will work.


      • You get Pair of Earphone Charging Box Charging Cables via USB port.


      • It comes in 9 solid colors.

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