Golf Club Brush with Wire and Nylon Bristle Brushes Cleaning Tool SP

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Golf Club Brush with Wire and Nylon Bristle Brushes Cleaning Tool SP


  • High quality

The handle is made of extremely durable plastic to increase strength, but it has an ergonomic soft rubber handle that provides comfort even when applying high scrubbing pressure.

  • Double brush head

Nylon brush heads are used to clean wood, while steel wire bristles are used to brush the iron. The wire bristles can quickly and effectively clean the irons on the fairway, and the sharp tines can remove stubborn dirt and grime in the grooves.

  • Easy to use

The ergonomic design makes the golf club groover tool feel comfortable and comfortable to hold. The texture design can provide additional control and traction, bringing you a good experience; the retractable zipper line can be easily connected to On your golf bag.

  • Improve your golf game

By regularly cleaning the club with a golf club groove cleaner, the best accuracy and distance to the club can be obtained. You will be in better contact with the ball, which will result in better ball flight and more reverse rotation.


Specifications: Length: 31.5 cm/12.4 inch (with buckle)

Steel wire length: 4.2*1.2 cm/1.7*0.5 inch

Nylon length: 4.2*1.2 cm/1.7*0.5 inch

Easy pull button with frosted surface, pullable length 60 cm/24 inch

Material: steel wool+PP wool+ABS

Accessories: easy pull cord + key chain

Weight: 66 g/0.1 lb

Color: Black, Blue, Red

Purpose: cleaning club head, ball, shoes

Products include

1 x brush

1 x looper

1 x carabiner

1 x double turn

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