PlantLife Organic Dried Coconut Chunks 2lbs – Sun-dried, Raw-Food, Non-GMO, No Sugar Added, Certified USDA Organic & Vegan

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Brand: PlantLife


  • GOOD TO KNOW – Coconut is the iconic flavor of the tropics – indulgent and creamy. Coconut cubes are beloved as a healthy snack, and are also used in baking and smoothies. Plus, they’re rich in fiber, iron, potassium, manganese, and healthy fats.
  • PLANTLIFE COCONUT CUBES - Our raw, non-GMO, organic coconut cubes have a nutty, aromatic taste, and are dreamily lightweight. Grown in Sri Lanka, they are then gently air-dried to preserve their natural flavor and goodness. A perfect, vegan snack.
  • WHAT TO DO WITH COCONUT CUBES – We love our coconut cubes as a crunchy, nutty, and dreamily lightweight snack. But we don’t stop there – they’re also fantastic for adding extra nutrition and tropical flavor to baking, smoothies, granola, and muesli.
  • ABOUT US - At PlantLife, we are convinced that, in respect to flavour and taste, nature is hard to beat. That's why we unfailingly focus on a purely natural and plant-based organic assortment. No tricks. No compromises.
  • WHAT TO EXPECT – At PlantLife we always have you, farmers, and the planet in mind. That’s why we only use recyclable and resealable packs – keeping the products fresh, protecting them from moisture and UV rays, and making storage easy.

Details: At PlantLife we offer a wide range of plant-based products from around the world. Everything we sell is organically farmed, sourced from wherever it grows best, and often wild-picked for the ultimate in raw, authentic quality. Infused with delicious flavour and nutrition by sun and soil, carefully picked and gently dried, naturally cleaned and carefully packed, and untouched by any artificial preservatives or flavourings. In other words: Right by Nature.

EAN: 9001604427768

Package Dimensions: 10.2 x 9.2 x 2.9 inches

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