Wilderness Poets Oregon Pumpkin Seeds - Organic, Heirloom, Raw - No Shells, No Salt, Bulk Size (32 Ounce - 2 Pound)

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Brand: Wilderness Poets

Color: green


  • Wilderness Poets, Oregon Grown Pumpkin Seeds - Organic & Heirloom - No Salt, No Shells (Raw, Naked) - Bulk Size - 2 Pound (32 Ounce)
  • Ingredients: Organic, Raw, Heirloom Pumpkin Seeds. Grown in Oregon, United States
  • USDA Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, No added salt or sugar
  • Strikingly beautiful with a signature dark green color - Exceptional, fruity, robust flavor.
  • These Heirloom Styrian Pumpkin Seeds - Grown in Oregon's Willamette Valley - are a protein rich, healthy snack.

Release Date: 11-05-2022

Details: Wilderness Poets Oregon Pumpkin Seeds are Heirloom Pumpkin Seeds, grown in Oregon's lush Willamette Valley. They are strikingly beautiful and unique. These seeds have exceptional, fruity, robust flavor and a signature dark green color. Their color is evidence of the mineral rich, organic soil they are cultivated in. Enjoyed by both the Aztecs and the Mayans, pumpkin seeds are a prized ancient staple food. Pumpkin Seeds are a rich source of protein, B vitamins, minerals, and the essential fatty acid omega-3. Use them in a salad dressing combined with cilantro, garlic, olive oil and lime juice for a delicious Mexican flavor. or incorporate them into a beautiful, hearty, multi-seed bread, if you are inspired to bake. You might be when you try these! USDA Certified Organic and Raw.

EAN: 0855434006056

Package Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.4 x 2.1 inches

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